How safe is Maybank2u online banking?

I’ve been paying bills for the family using my dad’s maybank account. So I’ve been wondering how safe is Maybank2u? Maybe I should set up another maybank account dedicated for online banking, so that if anything ever happens, at least there’s not much money in there. Has anyone experience any online fraud with maybank2u? Please leave your comments even if you’ve had positive experience.


4 Responses to “How safe is Maybank2u online banking?”

  1. chikanoz Says:

    so far i’ve been using and no fraud on it. quite reliable i would say.

  2. Din Says:

    using it for over a year. no problems so far. quite reliable.

  3. kyw Says:

    It is a great idea to have a separate acount with limited funds dedicated for online payments and to top it.

    And in after ALL on line transactions, clear ALL the caches and cookies under options.

  4. drel Says:

    about the maybank2u..i think for a time being it would be safe…or maybe cross-site scripting will cause damage

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