PC Fair @ City Square, JB

I went to the PC Fair in City Square this afternoon. It took 15 minutes to get the car parked. There was too many cars. Some  just let their friends/family visit the fair while the driver waited in the car.

From my observation the gadgets that are most exhibited (not popular as I do not know how many are sold) are:

  • MP4 Player with small screen
  • Speakers
  • Printers

The MP4 player is something new this year, and most booth have some kind of MP4 player on show.


2 Responses to “PC Fair @ City Square, JB”

  1. tuna Says:

    I went to KL Mid Valley megamall. Sunday noon, no PC fair. Spent 1 hr in the car looking for a spot. Ain’t not going back there on Sunday again… With or without PC fair.

  2. satriafar Says:

    of course there was no PC fair at MidValley because it was held at KL Convention Centre aka KLCC. Next time, seek more info by reading more newspapers or asking around instead of wasting time and energy, plus money looking for a vacant parking space at MidValley which is near impossible especially during weekends. Period.

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