Power adapter for router overheat

The power adapter for the Gigabyte wifi router got overheated and finally burnt. Bought a universal adapter to replace it which also overheated and burnt.

So I bought a new Linksys wifi router. The adapter overheated after one night. Now, I’m using a universal adapter with 12V and 1A.

Please leave your comments if you know why this is happening. I’m totally clueless. In total 3 power apater got overheated.


3 Responses to “Power adapter for router overheat”

  1. VxJasonxV Says:

    1) Not the cable
    2) Not the hardware
    3) Does that mean it’s the wall/socket ?

  2. chikanoz Says:

    hmm, might be the internal wiring perhaps.

  3. vhaniff Says:

    I’ve unplugged the router and connect it an unused wall socket (with extension cables) so that it wont be sharing the same supply with other appliances. So far, 2 days have passed and although it feels hot, it’s not burning inside.

    After some search on the net, there was a forum where this guy said that the power adapter for his notebook cools down a bit when it is connected directly and not with extension cable. So I’ve made away with the extension cable and plug it in directly. InsyaAllah it works this time.

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